Crossdresser Bobrisky has reacted humbly to the advice of Samklef asking her to make peace and reconcile and we wonder if they are now friends or beginning to be friends.


Samklef based on how Bobrisky has been dragged everywhere by almost all those he had rolled with in the past deemed it right to advise him not to let the bitter part of what they said about him get to him but should make sure to make peace with all.

According to Samklef, Bobrisky should watch his back very well because when the worst happens he won’t find the real people to support him asking him to reconcile with all those he has hurt as the people around him will never tell him the truth.

Bobrisky replying to his post humbly accepted his advice thanking him for that and they both referred to each other as dear which is supposed to be used among friends so we wonder if they are friends now or they are just beginning to be friends as we think or see it.

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The Bobrisky we all know hardly accepts things that go against him but today has shown us that he’s changed by humbly accepting the advice of Samklef to reconcile with all those he hurt and we guess he has already started it by apologizing to Tonto Dikeh.

It’s a good thing that Bobrisky apologized to Tonto Dikeh even though some netizens think it’s because he doesn’t have the strength to drag anyone again since he has been dragged by a lot of people but we think it’s a good step in the right direction.

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