Born-One Ghanaian Female Celebrities. Born-one is a Ghanaian slang given to women who are unmarried but have a kid; being child who was born within or out of wedlock.

The term is often derogatory and it’s aimed at this cluster of women in order to ‘force’ them to get married.

Some of our female celebrities find themselves in this bracket and although marriage is not the ultimate for most them, the undue pressure form the society tends to make them inferior, so to speak.

#1. Jackie Appiah

Popular Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has a child called Damien.

Although the child was not born out of wedlock, her divorce with her then husband, Peter Agyeman gave her this loose label as a born one.

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  1. Your article is disgusting. Is there a similar name for men with just one child or you went out of your way to mock these women? And if they have one child and so what? Do better.

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