The sensational RnB and Hiphop vocal group, Boyz 2 Men is heading to South Africa for the second time. The last time the group visited the country was in 2015. The group which was initially made up of 4 men, now three are set to perform in Pretoria and Cape town.

The group is well known for beautiful melodies, multi platinum albums and record singles. Their lyrical prowess is top notch. The award winning group will perform their ageless ” End Of The Road ” which is the favourite of most South Africans.


The band will perform at Grand Arena, Grand West, Cape Town on 9th April 2020 and Sun Arena, Times Square, Pretoria on 13th April 2020.

South Africa will be shut down for 2 days, fans of the group will enjoy melodious back to back tunes from the group. If you are in South Africa, your christmas just started.


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