A study by scientist Dr. Rebecca Powell revealed that Breast milk has the potential to cure Coronavirus.

Dr. Powell, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, did research on breast milk to study the antibodies.

According to the scientist, she has gathered responses from about 900 women who have volunteered to participate in the study and she is hopeful the number will grow.

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“The hypotheses is generally that there would be antibodies in the milk against COVID-19 because there is some proportion of antibodies in milk that comes from blood,” explains Dr Powell.

She cautions that she’s not talking about people buying breast milk of the Internet and drinking it: “I’m don’t recommend anyone to buy bodily fluids online and ingest them. Any bodily fluid can also carry other illnesses. I’m talking about purifying specific antibodies from the milk and using therapeutically.”

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Dr. Powell’s research is similar to current studies on the antibodies of blood plasma, but the collection of breast milk is non-invasive and looks at a particular population—lactating women.

In terms of the volunteers Dr. Powell is looking for, she says, “If you are COVID-19 positive or you have strong reason to suspect you are infected or you are an essential worker with a high likelihood of infection, we are recruiting all over the country. Otherwise, we are recruiting any lactating mother in New York City whether they’ve been tested positive, had exposure, or not exposed at all.”

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“Obviously in science, you want to reproduce things,”says Dr. Powell. “But in early experiments that I’ve conducted in the last week, I’m finding COVID-19-specific antibodies in the milk. These experiments need to be reproduced.”


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