Popular Ghanaian social analyst, Nii Amartei Amartey has advised that it is very necessary for men to be present in the upbringing of their children.

He was speaking as a guest for e.TV Ghana’s Men’s lounge when he made these comments.

He said the presence of a man is very key for their children’s development because women mostly have the upper hand on their children than the men.

“If there is a gap between the father and his children during infancy when the man is now on retirement the gap cannot be narrowed and there is nothing to talk about ” he noted.

In his view, fathers have a vital role to play in ensuring that they become friends with them so that even when the woman is not available it will be easier for the children to talk about issues bothering them.

He further disclosed that some fathers are too strict on their children, and this makes it very hard for their children and also very difficult to connect with their fathers on certain issues but become jealous when their children speak to their mothers about these issues.

“They are your friends and you must bond with them” he further disclosed.

Source: www.ghgossip.com


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