Popular Nigerian showbiz personality, Daddy Freeze has opined that if Jesus Christ was to come to earth and to take flesh again and visit, he will rather prefer to stay in Hushpuppi’s house than to be in Bishop David Oyedepo’s house.

He made this comment when he was responding to one of his followers on Twitter who quizzed why he was promoting Hushpuppi without questioning his source of income.

Daddy Freeze in a recent post shared a video of an interview he did showcasing Hushpuppi’s luxury Versace home.

One Twitter user in a reply to Daddy Freeze wrote;

“Your video quizzed #hushpuppi about his religion & belief but never asked what someone that drives Ferrari & other fleet of cars & a Versace furnished house does for a living. hile promoting ostentatious lifestyle,you should be asking how these lifestyle are funded. #Mompha”

Daddy Freeze’s response was;

“Dear concerned man, can you kindly DM me your BVN so I can run checks on you? If you come out clean I’ll answer your question about Hushpuppi. Awaiting your BVN sir.”


Daddy Freeze who wasn’t still satisfied then took the conversation to Instagram where he said what he does is to attack those who “rob the poor with the Bible”.

Additionally, he stated that he attacks “the wrongful and deceitful use of scriptures and doctrines, not personal issues, as none of us is truly righteous, not even your GOs, we are all struggling with one sin or the other.”

He went on to add how Christ saw “all the righteous people in the Jericho, yet decided to stay at the house of a sinful tax collector like Zacchaeus.”

He continued:

“If Christ were to visit Dubai today, he would more likely stay in @hushpuppi ‘s house than in Oyedepo’s. Unless of course, we have another set of scriptures apart from the gospel that we now abide by.”

Read his full post below;


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