Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, one of the female celebrities ‘played’ by organisers of Cardi B concert, has lashed out at Ghanaians for demonstrating lack of good judgement in their commentary on the botched meet-and-greet session.

Describing the commentary on the issue that grabbed headlines in the entertainment circle as “interesting”, the award-winning actress said “only a handful of you have been discerning” in their commentary.

Ghanaians, including some celebrities, have since Sunday’s episode taken to social media to make mockery of the affected celebrities.

Commenting on the matter, Lydia Forson said the organisers have failed to come to their defence while her colleagues ridicule them.

“Now to my colleagues and other industry players who’re gloating at this, know that some of these girls are the same people you ask for favours from- you beg them to make appearances for you, in movies, music videos etc, you beg them to post your work, support your brand and a lot of this for nothing because of “relationship,” she said.

To those colleagues mocking them, “Remember this next time you call and ask for support you’ve not given”, she said.


According to Lydia Forson, each celebrity invited was told they were going to have “intimate lunch” and not a meet-and-greet as is widely circulated.

“Obviously it was a strategy to get as many people there as possible- and it worked,” she stated.

She added: “The WHO [organiser] is shifting blame, playing coy and refusing to come out and defend us against the attacks, because it will mean admitting to what they did. But it’s not on them, it’s on us for not seeing through the façade”.

The actress suggested Sunday’s incident was not the first time and will not be the last, noting whenever it happens, “the discussions are never about the people who organized this; the media always gives a one-sided account and everyone else jumps at the opportunity to ridicule, especially females in the industry they feel are undeserving of the title ‘celebrity’”.


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