Citizens of DR Congo is now blaming western countries, claiming that it is their selfish interest in the natural resources of the Central African country, Congo, that has once again spike another conflict among Congolese.


From the thread of Congo Is Bleeding official twitter page, some post are alleging that, USA, UK, France are financing military aid to countries like Rwanda and Uganda to invade DR. Congo so that, they can control and extract the most precious natural resource of the land, Colton.

On Thursday 15 October, 2020, the #CongoIsBleeding went viral on social media as the people Congo, called for international attention and support to curb the new conflict resulting in genocide in their country.

The conflict has caused many Congolese to fall victims of rape, starvation, torture and murder.

The thread also alleges that, millions are being killed in the genocide eruption in Congo right now, and thousands being displaced from home.

Earlier today, women started the lead to march against the conflict with the #CongoIsBleeding.

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Most use photo for #CongoIsBleeding (A picture depicting Colton mining for smart phone manufacturing companies.



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