Coronavirus Report: Travellers From China Allegedly Enter Ghana Unchecked

In a report made by Ghanaweb, it suggests some students and others travelling from China have begun entering Ghana without any proper checks.

These investigations were carried out by and it revealed that people travelling from China have an easy pass into the country.

The report claimed that these travellers from China enter the country without the requisite 14-day period of quarantine for observations. reports that some of the students in China confirmed that some of their colleagues who landed in Ghana recently were not quarantined for two weeks to know their true status.

Per the account of a student who recently arrived in Ghana, he indicated that he was made to pass freely after he filled a questionnaire adding that Chinese nationals were rather being separated from the rest.

“I just passed. I wasn’t quarantined. I just filled some questionnaire; the Chinese are rather being separated from the rest. I think they will call us back later,” he explained in a conversation on WhatsApp.