has chanced on a photo on social media which exposes some of the ills on our roads here in Ghana.

The photo showed a drainage hole in the middle of the which is supposed to be closed open posing danger to pedestrians and road users.

As you all know, there’s this metal used to cover drainage holes or gutters in big cities.

This is to cover the holes in other to prevent accidents which can happen as a result of people mistakenly falling therein into these big trenches.

gutter cover
gutter cover

Instead of this big drainage hole supposed to be covered with the right metal, the hole was covered with a car tyre causing more danger.

And it is quite alarming to note that the open drainage is situated at Tudu, one of the busiest towns in Accra and it is just a few meters from the new Accra Metropolitan Assembly, AMA building.

See the photo below;

gutter cover
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