Many delectable frozen desserts can be made at home: the bases of ice cream, gelato, and sherbet are dairy cream; the bases of sorbet and frozen yogurt are sugar syrup and dairy culture.

Below are a few ideas you can try home to make your own frozen desserts

Homemade Ice Cream

An ice cream maker is not necessary for making ice cream. Heavy cream, milk, sugar, and flavorings like cocoa powder or vanilla extract are all you need. Combine all ingredients, process (if you own an ice cream maker), place in the freezer, and savor!


Add ½ cup cooled heavy cream to a jar to make ice cream. Add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and a ¼ condensed milk tin (chilled) to a glass Mason jar that can withstand cold temperatures. After firmly screwing on the lid, shake the mixture for five minutes, or until it has doubled in size. Replace the top, stir in mix-ins, and freeze for approximately three hours.


A frozen treat called sorbet is created by combining ice with fruit purée, juice, or additional components like wine, liqueur, or honey. Sorbets typically don’t include dairy ingredients. Blend your preferred fruits with sugar and a small amount of water, then place the mixture in the freezer to solidify.

To prepare sorbet at home, mix 1 cup of sugar, 2-4 tablespoons of your preferred acid, a teaspoon of salt, and 4 cups of fruit purée or juice (about 5–6 cups of slices or chunks). You might need to use up to two cups of simple syrup, but start small and work your way up.


An ice pop is a frozen treat on a stick made of liquid or cream. An ice pop is frozen while at rest, solidifying into a block of ice, in contrast to ice cream or sorbet, which are stirred while freezing to prevent ice crystal formation. To hold it, the stick serves as a handle.

  • Cut your fruit into bite-sized pieces to prepare it.
  • Collect the other ingredients, such as salt, lemon juice, honey, or your preferred sweetener.
  • Continue blending until smooth.
  • Fill molds, then freeze until needed.

When using strawberries

  • Blend the other ingredients with the strawberries.
  • Blend until smooth or the consistency you want. Some prefer to leave the little bits of fruit in. Additionally, taste for sweetness and, if needed, add additional sweetener.
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  • Once the strawberry popsicle mixture or any other fruit popsicle recipe has been blended, transfer it into a popsicle mold and freeze it for a minimum of four hours.
  • The strawberry popsicles are done when they have been frozen for at least four hours.


Granita is a dessert produced with sugar, water, and different flavorings that is semi-frozen. It resembles a hybrid of a slushie and shaved ice. Granita can be made with coffee, wine, or fruit juices. You may use the same fundamental recipe to make practically any kind of granita, regardless of the fruits, liquids, or wines you choose.

  • Blend the fruit: Blend or purée the fruit, juice, and sugar in a food processor. Add a few tablespoons of water to the purée if your fruit is really dry so that it has the consistency of a smoothie.
  • Freeze quickly: Transfer the pureed fruit to a shallow pan and freeze. Use what you have, although I find that granita freezes more quickly in a metal pan, so I grab for my 9×13 cake pan. The granita should be frozen for 30 to 45 minutes, or until the top and edges of the pan have barely begun to freeze.
  • Take a fork to the granita: Using a fork, scrape the partially frozen granita, breaking up any large lumps. Throughout the freezing process, you will repeat this step two or three times.
  • Prior to serving, refreeze: Before serving, place the granita pan back in the freezer for a total of four hours. And that’s it!


  • Mix the fruit, sugar, and juice. Place the fruit in a blender or food processor with the blade attachment; add the lime juice, sugar, and salt. Puree for one minute or until smooth.
  • Place the purée in a small pan and freeze for half an hour. Transfer the puree to a metal 9 x 13-inch pan. It is recommended that the purée be approximately 1/2 inch deep, but a deeper purée will still work; it will just take longer to freeze. For thirty minutes, freeze.
  • Using a fork, scrape the granita and then refreeze. The purée should have started to solidify, particularly on top and around the edges. Using a fork, scrape the mixture and put it back in the freezer. For four hours, repeat this method every thirty minutes. When the mixture is fully frozen and has a dry, flaky texture, the granita is done.
  • Prepare the garnish (optional). In a small bowl, combine the sugar, lime zest, and pepper flakes. Store until you’re ready to serve.
  • After scooping into dishes, serve. Pour the granita by itself or with yogurt into dishes. If desired, sprinkle sugared lime zest mixture on top.

Frozen Custard

A frozen delicacy known as frozen custard is a kind of ice cream that is produced using egg yolks in addition to cream, sugar, or another sugar substitute, and other flavorings like vanilla, chocolate, or fruit like peaches or strawberries.

Rich and creamy frozen custard is made with egg yolks and is similar to ice cream. Egg yolks, sugar, and milk are needed to make a custard base; you can flavor it with vanilla or other extracts.

  • The ice cream foundation is cooked together on the stovetop because the custard contains eggs. After that, you must chill it in the refrigerator until it has chilled. It isn’t ready for the ice cream freezer till then. The base must be chilled for at least four hours.
  • For the creamiest custard, use whole milk and heavy cream. Indeed, there is more fat in these. You can use less fat milk, but the richness and creaminess of your ice cream will be diminished. I advise following the recipe exactly at first, then if you’d like, reducing the amount of fat in the milk as you test more variations.
  • Cook until the mixture begins to thicken, on low heat. It won’t be as thick as pudding. All you want is for the mixture to begin to get thicker. Though it should cover the back of the spoon, it will still seem a little runny. Avoid overcooking the mixture to prevent curdling. To ensure that your combination is completely smooth, strain it through a fine mesh strainer if you find that your mixture contains little fragments.
  • Make sure the ice cream-holding drum in your electric ice cream maker is frozen. Before churning ice cream, you should place this in the freezer for at least 24 hours.


  • Fill a small saucepan with cream, milk, sugar, and salt; boil over medium-low heat.
  • Simmer until the sugar is dissolved, about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Take off the heat.
  • Egg yolks should be whisked in a different bowl.
  • Pour approximately ½ cup of the heated milk mixture into the egg yolks, while continuously whisking.
  • Return the whisked egg mixture to the saucepan. Include the vanilla. Put the pot back on medium-low heat and continue cooking until the mixture begins to thicken.
  • Remove from the heat and transfer to a mesh strainer.
  • Once the milk reaches room temperature, cover it and place it in the refrigerator to chill it fully. This should take four or five hours, if not longer.
  • As directed by the maker, churn ice cream. Serve soft serve straight from the ice cream machine, or freeze to solidify.

Frozen Banana Bites

Simple bite-sized treats for all ages: frozen banana bites are made of sliced bananas covered in peanut butter, chocolate, and toffee pieces. For a tasty and healthful frozen treat, slice bananas, coat them in melted chocolate, and then freeze them.

  • Put waxed paper on a baking pan.
  • Place a small amount of peanut butter on top of every slice of banana. Take a toothpick and poke it through the banana’s peanut butter coating. Put the banana bites on the baking sheet that has been prepared, and freeze for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • In a double boiler set over simmering water, melt the shortening and chocolate, stirring often and scraping down the sides with a rubber spatula to prevent burning.
  • Line a second baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Take out two to four bites of banana at a time from the freezer, and then cover each mouthful in chocolate mixture. Scatter toffee bits over each covered banana bite before placing them on the second baking sheet. Continue until all of the bites have a coating. Place banana bites back in the freezer for at least one hour to solidify. Before serving, let the bites remain at room temperature for approximately fifteen minutes.


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