Donate To The Poor And Needy, Don’t Let Any Eye See It – Yvonne Nelson Slams Ghanaian Celebrities

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Award winning actress, Yvonne Nelson has taken to social media to criticize fellow colleague actress and other celebrities in their recent deeds caught on camera.

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Yvonne was of the view that, it is the right order to do good deeds but capturing it on tape or doing it in the full glare of people is wrong, it is what is described as attention seeking. In the case of making donations, she believes the poor, needy, widows, orphans etc should be the sole beneficiaries and not well to do people.

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She added that there is much blessings from God in giving secretly where no eye sees but just the omnipresent God. Going further, she descended heavily on pastors who use their church member’s money to buy themselves luxurious things and live extravagant lives whilst their members keep facing heavy backlash from life’s struggle.

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