Most often than not, we allow ourselves to feel inferior or less worthy of ourselves especially when it comes to education and the academic ladder.

Those who have had not only the chance to attain maximum education with enviable degrees feel they are better off than the rest.

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Well, feel you have amounted to nothing no more because you have a lower class . Celebrated lawyer and author Reno Omokri says even the richest of all are mostly the ones with no education or less education. According to him, it is about being practically in the world.

“Those feeling inferior because they got 3rd Class or pass, should study the @Forbes Rich list. 50% of the world’s richest men don’t have degrees. Of the rest, only 3% made 1st Class. The class of your ideas is more vital than the class of your degree #FreeLeahSharibu#RenosNuggets.”

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