Reno Omokri’s recent post on social media was made for ‘church boys’. Church boys are boys who believe good wives only exist in churches.


These guys can also be said to be guys who are astute religious people and hold their faith high in all circumstances.

In his post, the renowned author stated that it is better for such guys to marry a beautiful wife who can’t pray, as long as she shares their faith rather than letting people fool them to marrying a prayer Queen they are not attracted to.

He added that they can teach their wives how to pray, however, they can’t teach them how to be beautiful.

The post he made reads;

“Dear church boy,‬

‪Better to marry a beautiful wife who can’t pray, as long as she shares your faith. Don’t let anyone fool you into marrying a prayer Queen you are not attracted to. You can teach your wife how to pray. But you can’t teach her how to be beautiful! If she has both, then all the better. Marriage is not a sacrifice. It is a blessing. Don’t sacrifice your physical needs because you want to be a good church boy. Take a while to look at the wives of prominent pastors. When you are happy in the bedroom, you are likelier to be powerful on the pulpit.”



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