A Twitter user by name @Sabi_boyz has advised men against going into a relationship with ladies below the ages of 23 because such ladies need not be taken seriously due to their way of life.

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According to him, ladies below the ages of 23 are very irresponsible dishonest, flakey and irrational to be in a relationship with.

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He added that they live promiscuous life and are mostly succumb to peer pressure as their minds are not fully develop to decipher between things.


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Well, I don’t agree with Mr. Influencer because we have millions of ladies within that age range who are doing well in the schools, field of work and from securing a better future than most adults. Secondly, many women could be different kinds of themselves to different men. So a girl being flaky with you, could be submitting totally to another guy. It’s women’s nature, and even 30-year-olds could be flaky.


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