Known in real life as Saviour Kweku Adzika, Sayvee, the 2017 Western Music Awards ‘Best Music Video’ of the year winner has recruited African rap god Sarkodie, most decorated Western Music Awards Artiste, Ayesem and Nate to advise the youth about life in a new song ‘YOLO’ (You Only Live Once).

The song which is more of a directional map to the youth admonishes them to be determined in life and not leave things to chances. Sayvee made it clear in his rap when he said “Life is too short give it a good shot, if it is a poor network just port. Never mind them obstacles we go dey turn them into our tentacles…. Pareto principles 80/20, SWOT analysis since the 60’s.”

As if it’s a life skills music course, Ayesem comes in to add that “I have to be focused and snub the haters…. Life is how you make it, you choose to be real or you choose to fake it. If your mother is dead and you lie that she’s asleep you’ll see the results of your foolishness when you go hungry.”

“…… I started with no lunch money to a point where I don’t take pics. Save money because there is no helper anywhere. Who will you cry to receive loan from? You have to do your best for your own good, time no dey wait for your a** boy. Stay in school as a child. Bad company, bad choices, alcohol dey bring loud voices, make your mind and stay focused” Sarkodie buttresses what Sayvee and Ayesem had already said in their raps.

Fans and non-fans alike have high expectations and have tipped it as a potential award winning song.

Listen to Yolo by Sayvee ft Sarkodie, Ayesem and Nate which is produced by Ear Drvms below;



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