Salt can be an important method of preserving smoked fish and controlling bacteria that are capable of causing food borne illness. However, the use of salt in fish to impart desirable flavours often varies according to taste preferences and generally over the years has changed to a lighter salting.


Koobi or salted tilapia as is mostly called in Ghana is mostly enjoyed at every corner of the country. From using it for soups to making some nice stews with it. The process and preservation is the major concern but Molo Koobi’s Salted fish, is fish cured with dry salt and thus preserved for later eating in a very hygienic environment and also well packaged.

We could get expensive with our cooking too. Are you a lover of dried salted fish,popularly known in Ghana as KOOBI? Yet not comfortable with the way it’s handled on our markets. Say no more. Get your well packaged,well dressed and super hygienic koobi from Molo Koobi. Contact the koobi wura on 0557594095 to place orders for all your delicious meals. Eat right and stay healthy! 


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