MGK as he’s called has had a day to forget in his career. The Cleveland based Rapper in an earlier story we brought to you sought to undermine the multiple Grammy and BET award winner Eminem a week or so ago. Eminem who currently holds the record for most syllables in a song in his smash hit “Rap God” was somewhat bemused by the reply of MGK which he titled “Rap Devil” which rose a lot of eyebrows since most rappers take diss by Eminem in their stride.

Eminem in an Instagram post was seen playing Pac-Man which is a visible tatoo closer to MGK’s collar bone. This spread like wildfire as people took a hint from a similar post before he dropped his recent album “Kamikaze”. Fans and music lovers in general have long awaited a reply by Eminem and finally it dropped.

The song titled KillShot is a bar for bar diss to MGK which did him no favors. Opinions on the song suggest that MGK has been buried as expected by arguably the best rapper of all time. Eminem made fun of his former fan and broke him to pieces with punches before giving his a sniper head shot to finish off the now career-less young rapper. We don’t think any rapper would dare Eminem twice but we live to see, maybe MGK has a secret in the bag.

Here’s the official artwork for KillShot; it’s available for streaming on various music platforms and on sale on Apple Music.



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