Clement Adedotun, the Uber driver who was assaulted by the members of the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) and the Nigeria Police Force at the Lekki Toll Gate has requested N500m in compensation from the government.


Adedotun also urged that the persons who assaulted him be disciplined and prosecuted in court in accordance with the Anti-Torture Act and the Criminal Law of Lagos State, in a letter sent by his lawyer, Inibehe Effiong. He also wants the state government to issue a written apology.

In a statement, Inihebe stated that Adedotun’s vehicle had been returned, but it was in poor condition. According to the letter, state government operatives shattered and damaged his Toyota Corolla’s front windscreen.

Before it was towed away on Wednesday, October 20, the car was in good working order. However, when Adedotun arrived at the location where the vehicle was taken on Friday, October 22nd, 2021, he claims he saw his vehicle being destroyed by state government agents.

According to Inibehe, the inference is that Adedotun will be unable to earn a living until the vehicle is fixed.

Inibehe reacted to the news of the sanctions placed on the officers by the Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Agency (LNSA), he said;

”while we commend the Lagos State Government for admitting that the conduct of its agents was criminal and unprofessional, we find the two months suspension meted on the two officers grossly insufficient and unacceptable. It is not a deterrence. The officers should be dismissed and diligently prosecuted in a court of law to serve as a deterrence to others.”

According to Inibehe, the Lagos State Government has 48 hours to comply with their requests or face prosecution.

See a copy of the letter written to the Lagos state government below…



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