Nigerian Midfielder John Ogu has called on colleague Nigeria team members to boycott upcoming matches in protest for #ENDSARS.

He said he believes match boycott from the national teams will ‘make a statement.’

Nigeria have Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers in November and Ogus said that even if the country lost its place in the tournament “it would be a price worth paying”.

John Ogu, 32, has expressed his opinion on BBC Radio the ‘World Football’ show on BBC World Service radio. Saying;

“What is the point in representing the country if this is what the politicians, the people we’re representing, can do to us?”

“I feel like this is the best thing to do right now until they get back to their senses and listen to us.

“We want a good government, the police brutality to stop, we want the Sars to stop, we want the killings to stop, we want good laws, we want job opportunities. It’s just crazy.


“I believe most of my colleagues understand where I am coming from, I wish we can do this. There are games coming up and if we boycott these games I’m sure they will know we’ve made a statement.

“I haven’t really spoken to any of my team-mates about this. They feel for the people here, their loved ones, those that have died. I’m sure the players are aware.” He said.

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Ogu’s concerned if taken into consideration, will somehow impact the call for the dissolving of #ENDSARS



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