Popular Highlife musician, Kesse, who is now a born-again Christian, is urging Ghanaians to stop demoralizing him from doing God’s will.

He disclosed that since he came out publicly on his faith, friends and colleagues had been telling him he wouldn’t survive in the gospel industry and would eventually come back to do secular songs.

“Since I was called by God, the message I mostly get is that I was not called by God and I will soon come back. The very least I expected from colleagues was to encourage and not to discourage me.

I have had this calling for almost a decade and I always rejected the voice of the Lord but it is time to do His work,” she said.

However, he revealed that there was no way he would be going back to the world because it was God who had called him to do His work.

“Those who wish I went back to the world better stop wasting their time because it is not going to happen. I have seen God and it’s final, going back to the world will not be possible,” he added.

Source: www.ghgossip.com


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