Sarkodie has often revealed in practically all his songs that he was hustler before hitting the limelight.

In context, it means dude wasn’t fortunate to have extensive education like one of his rivals, M.anifest.

Indeed there’s no parallel line between success and education but at a point in time, the knowledge we gain from formal education shape our lives, all things inclusive.

Sarkodie’s legendary status in music cannot be disputed. His My Advice song aimed at his closest buddy Shatta Wale is trending like a hot cake all over the social media landscape.

However, he just revealed his ignorance once again as far as his fluency of the Queen’s language is concerned.

A line in the song goes like this; jai alllumi ni sh3 na k) sh3 cubelinks; to wit, “stop wearing those fake aluminium chains and go for genuine cubelinks.”

Sark was obviously mocking Shatta Wale’s silver chains he often wears, which is called cuban links in standard English but apparently dude ended up laughing at the wrong side of his mouth; from the perspective of the ‘wounded’ SM fans.

Now a simple search on google reveals that the actual word is ‘cuban links’, not ‘cubelinks’ like Sarkodie spat on the verse.

Evidently Sarkodie has showcased his ignorance again and we know it wouldn’t be long before he gets ROASTED on social media again, akin to his ‘pro bono’ on the diss song he aimed at M.anifest dubbed Kanta three years ago.

Here’s what we are talking about:


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  1. Smh, we say cubelinks, it’s a slang people use, now you just sound desperate and petty.

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