The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has cautioned the Buhari administration to be on the lookout for an imminent EndSARS protest.


HURIWA lashed out at the Buhari administration for standing akimbo and watching the judicial panels on the EndSARS protest lazy about on their duties without producing any verdict and prosections on the government authorities who were found guilty in the END SARS protest.

National Coordinator of HURIWA, Emmanuel Onwubiko made the submission in reaction to the allegations of increasing use of crude policing tactics across the country amidst the current escalating insecurity threats ravaging the economy.

 Onwubiko said: “HURIWA expressed bitterness that the Police Service Commission (PSC) has become a colossal failure and is only just existing as a ‘cash cow’ to pay allowances to politically exposed friends of the powers- that –be.

“There would be another EndSARS protest if no concrete legislative frameworks and legal mechanisms are enforced to bring about a special crimes court to try erring security operatives who deploy torture and extrajudicial execution of citizens in custodial facilities or elsewhere.

“It is such a sad episode to notice that extralegal killings have assumed a pastime for rogue security operatives and especially the police and this ugly social phenomenon has continued only because impunity and lawlessness have endangered professionalism and discipline in the Nigeria Police Force even with an institution like the Police Service Commission set up to instil discipline on Police officers up to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police.”



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