Business mogul and entrepreneur, Nana Appiah Mensah has been called out on social media by Facebook user identified as Gideon Aduku.

According to him, Nana Appiah Mensah is a fraudster who is hiding behind the veil of social media to perpetuate his diabolical schemes.

In what seems to be like a brief expose’ about NAM 1 as he affectionately called, Aduku revealed how the Zylofon Boss started off his Menzgold Comapny as Menzbanc before he changed it to its current name when his dirty schemes were almost uncovered.

See below for the full unedited text:

“Menzgold, formerly Menzbanc was registered as EssefGold Ghana Limited. They rebranded because they have been involved in several fraudulent acts already.
In fact the CEO of Zylofon Nana Appiah Mensah is the Mastermind behind all this. I know for a fact that Nana Appiah Mensahand William Atsu Tekpor were deeply involved in this business of defrauding people from Visa contract promises to gold investments as far back as in 2012.
I have information on their previous offices at New Weija and can tell you for fact that these guys had backing from a powerful person in the NDC(name witheld), they even had the audacity to tell some of their victims that as so far as the NDC was still in power, they would never see jail or refund their monies.
Therefore it comes as no surprise that Nana Appiah has created another company, Zylofon, in an effort to hide his dubious acts at Menzgold. I won’t be surprised if he is linked to Brew Marketing. This country is so rotten that people can commit crimes and create new companies without ever getting caught.
I have solid rock evidence to back whatever I am saying. If anyone has a problem with what I’m saying, I’m drinking Guinness, come and drink some.
If they talk some of you won’t listen and still go and give your money to them.”



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