Songstress Fantana had an embarrassing moment at the recently held Reign Concert at Fantasy Dome in Accra which was jointly the venue for the unveiling of Shatta Wale’s latest srudio album titled Wonder Boy.

Apparently, Fantana was in her menses and instead of covering up, she wore a skimpy dress which unfortunately revealed her sanitary pad which she did not fix well, the result of which made her the subject of intense trolls mixed with varied opinions on social media.

Her management quickly put some words together and gave it to her in the shape of a press release which she published on one of her social media handles.

According to her, her menses appeared “from nowhere” just 30 minutes before the going on stage and that’s what created the whole mess.


And as though we are so interested in her menstrual cycle and its related issues, Fantana has started a campaign which goes with the hashtag, Happy To Bleed.

The campaign is ostensibly to teach teenagers on how to handle their menses and break the misconception some people have about menstruation.

Instead of taking responsibility for plunging herself into that avoidable mess since it was her choice to wear that short skirt, she’s rather shifting the goal post and behaving as though Ghanaians are against menstruation.

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