The almost inseparable couple Fella Makafui and AMG Medikal have given us reasons to suspect all is not well in paradise. The sheer fact that Medikal did not acknowledge the love of his life Fella upon receiving the awards and how it took Fella more than 24 hours to congratulate him spoke volumes.

Now the infamous page on Instagram called those-called-celebs has revealed that Fella is actually suffering from a broken heart all because of Medikal and all we see on social media are just for the gram.

Their post; “The girl is suffering oooo ???????????????????????? the things am hearing no…chai!! How long will u pretend for de gram?? Herrrr I love u paaaa… if u think de boy is tearing ur heart…. leave oooo …u can’t come n kill urself cux of #thosecalledcelebs and her followers… tomorrow by dis time…u will snap pics to decieve the public meanwhile u dieing inside… no where cool ampa!! Go back for Alhaji cux mamaga still collect him na ???????? de girl is confused oooo… herrrrr evidence paaa nie!!”, the blog posted.

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