Controversial Counsellor, Counsellor George Lutterodt has made a shocking revelation once again and its all about sex tapes.

According to him, 2018 was such a boring year because the rate at which s*xtapes were leaked was very low.

In a news item contained by, he revealed that there were dozens of leaked s3x tapes in 2017 as compared to this year and that makes it boring.

He blamed this on the various political scandals that rocked the country and the unwillingness of people to leak their tapes.

He further revealed that the headmaster with the student’s s*x tape was one of the greatest that came to hit us, but it didn’t last.

In addition, he said that the entertainment industry in Ghana is fast growing something which is good for the image of the country.

“If you take a look at the entertainment industry, in the past years, it’s not going too well, people release sex tapes to spice up the industry, but this year they didn’t have the opportunity to release because the entertainment industry was strong”, he revealed.

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