The office of the Nigerian Accountant General in Abuja, on Wednesday, 8th April 2020 was razed down by fire. It’s alleged that the fire was intentionally set by an insider after they were charged to give an account on how a staggering amount of N 2 trillion was shared to the poor people in the community.

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A staunch member of the opposition party, PDP, Femi Kayode has alleged that the building was intentionally set on fire by an insider to cover the tracks and burn evidence which will bring to bare, the corrupt practices of the existing government. There has not been any official report on the cause of the fire but Kayode believes it was set to burn evidence on how the N 2 trillion was shared by the office of the accountant, reports.


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According to Femi Kayode, the building was razed down by fire 9 hours after the National Assembly asked Federal Government to give an account on how they distributed N 2 trillion to the poor which they claim they did. The FG was charged to provide details of the beneficiaries of the supposed amount together with demographics and database. He said that the just after the Finance Minister had admitted that they had all records with the Accountant General, the building caught fire.

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