Floyd Mayweather Sends Classy Message To Deontay Wilder After Defeat

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Retired Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather has sent a heartwarming message to Deontay Wilder after he was defeated by his opponent Tyson Fury last weekend.

Floyd Mayweather has come to the defense of Deontay Wilder after some criticism from people after his defeat on Saturday night.

Many were quick to criticise Wilder for his performance and even denigrate his world title run but Mayweather took to Instagram to defend the 2008 Olympic bronze medalist, saying, “Deontay is our brother that has accomplished many triumphs and as a community we should all uplift and support him throughout it all. No matter what, you’re still a winner in my eyes, King!”

It was the first time since he turned professional after the Beijing games that Wilder found himself knocked down as Fury caught him brilliantly in the third round.

“Mark threw in the towel, I didn’t think he should have,” Deas explained.
“Deontay is the kind of guy that’s a ‘go out on his shield kind of guy’ and he will tell you straight up don’t throw the towel in.
“You always have to consider Deontay is a fearsome puncher. He always has that shot to land a big shot and turn things around.”
It certainly didn’t look like Wilder would turn things around to most watching.

Source: www.ghgossip

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