French football outfit, Bordeaux took a step further to unveil Laurent Koscielny as their new signing by joining the viral ‘Skopatomanaa’ challenge.

‘Skopatomanaa’ is a gibberish phrase used by Ghanaian music sensation, Patapaa in a viral song titled ‘Daavi Neba’. It is frequently used to get people’s views on social media.

The song, alongside the term has gained international recognition since it was released few weeks ago and has arguably become the most used slang on the social media landscape.

Recently, Spanish football giant, Atletico Madrid had a pass at it after they posted a photo of their jubilant players who trashed Real Madrid 7-3 with the term boldly written on the top of the photo when they shared it on social media.

Koscielny’s return to France after a nine-year playing stint in the Premier League with Arsenal and we think he’s already feeling the nice way has been welcomed to his country of birth.


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