Ghanaian comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng known in showbiz as Funny Face has cried his eyes out as he talked about how his ex wife who runs away with his twins.

The Comedian, explained that he has go through alot as the wife decided to caused her pain and thinks he can’t do anything about it.

In an interview on GhOne Tv, Funny Face revealed that there are videos which he can use to prove himself that even though he’s an emotional person but the wife decided to intentionally cause her pain by taking his children away from him.

According to him, Ghanaians may think he is too weak for being emotional but it can’t be possible for him to take care of people’s children while he is not able to take care if his because of the wife.

He indicated and cried on the national television that if his children decides to watch his video about the incident between him and their mother they should know that he tried his best but was not having a control over the situation.


“I have videos to prove that my wife did bad to me and my close family members knows about it but I can’t do anything about it and the videos will be played someday to my kids for them to know what transpired” he expressed.

Funny Face stated that he can’t put everything outside because of the kids so all he could do is to be mute and continue with his life.

Talking about how people want him to stop following women having huge backside, he claimed, thats what he want and can’t change from that.

He spewed that since he hasn’t gotten a woman with huge backside that will stick with him he will continue to chase them till he gets what he want.


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