There are lots of strange things that are associated with Ghanaians which intrigues me a lot. If you are a shop owner and a Ghanaian comes to you to purchase an article or a commodity, be sure to get things cumbersome because of lack precision connected to the very thing they want. These are some of the erroneous names they have attributed to certain commodities. This phenomenon is both done by the literates and the illiterates.

#1. Noodles- Indomie. Majority of Ghanaians call all noodles Indomie; notwithstanding the brand. I find this very strange indeed. Whether they are buying Perfecto, Lele or Gino noodles, they will still call it Indomie. Perhaps it’s because Indomie has become the leading brand in that regard.

#2. Wahing Powder-Omo. There are different packs of washing powder or detergents available on the market yet Ghanaians have put all of them in the bracket called Omo. Omo was popular in the 80s and was widely used in every household. Omo is no longer ‘active’ on the market because there have been massive influx of other washing powder.

#3. Diapers-Pampers. Diapers and pampers rhyme, don’t they? Is that why we call all diapers pampers? If you are a salesperson and someone comes to you to buy pampers and you give them exactly pampers, you will be shocked and irritated at the same that the person will reject it. The buyer will point to different brand, say, Yazz and still call it Pampers. Hmmmmm Ghanaians.

#4. Toothpaste-Pepsodent. If you ask your child to buy Colgate toothpaste and he returns with Pepsodent, don’t be so furious. That’s how lots of Ghanaians call all toothpaste.

#5. Milk powder-Nido. Nido is no longer popular. When we were young that was the only milk powder we used frequently. Despite its extinction people still refer to all milk powders as Nido. I must quickly add that Cowbell has taken that mantle from Nido. They use these names interchangeably to mean powdered milk.

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