Ghanaian musician, Dennis Nana Dwamena, known by his stage name as KiDi has generated another controversy after he said in a fresh interview that Ga women gossip a lot and they are the worst kind of gossips he has ever come across.

Historically, tribal comments such have this have the tendency to plunge the country in chaos and we thought the artiste would have been discerning enough to avoid making derogatory comments like that.

KiDi made the comment in an interview with Jacinta on the program dubbed, Area Code. KiDi says the vast unemployment which is predominant in Ga Communities is the reason why they gossip al lot.

“I think the state of living. As you can see a lot of people who live here don’t do anything. Like they just sit by and gossip. The Ga women, they know how to gossip” Kidi

said when he was asked what he wanted to change about the community he grew in Akotolante.

He said if he had his way, he would have changed the Ga women by creating jobs that will keep people busy and stop them from gossiping.

This comment adds to the growing list of controversies KiDi has dabbled in recently after he infamously walked out of a live interview when the host blasted him for coming to the studios late for an interview on Accra FM.




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  1. Why do you publish such a tribal comment. When such things keep coming up the tendencies of chaos as you rightly pointed in you write up keep increasing. Please just don’t publish such things.

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