The Presidential Candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC John Dramani Mahama has stated that the electoral commision have resurrected alot of dead parties to IPAC.

According to John Mahama is way to create a simple majority to bulldoze their way through during meetings.

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Speaking on Woezor TV, John Dramani Mahama said the EC does not want the IPAC to perform its mandated functions.


“Elections are about consensus so that we move together. That is why the IPAC is such an important body. Now, the IPAC is like an enemy to the EC. The EC doesn’t want the IPAC and they have gone to resurrect plenty dead parties and brought them to IPAC so that they can create the majority there and bulldoze their way through. If EC doesn’t build consensus and on election day, things backfire, it is going to backfire on them.”


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