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5 Ghanaian Celebrities You Never Knew Dropped Out Of School


Education is the key to success; yeah that’s the theory we have been inculcated with.

But evidently, spending time in the classroom is not the only avenue which leads to success as these celebs clearly illustrate in this write-up.

These Ghanaian celebrities dropped out of school but as fate may have it, became successful in whatever path they charted for themselves.

Others decided to go back after being successful just to ‘polish up’.

Let’s see who make up our list in this interesting article.

#1. Kwaw Kese

The man insane is one of the most successful rappers in Ghana. He has won several awards and is considered one of the richest artistes around.

However the farthest Kwaw Kese went as far as education is concerned is senior high school.

He has no university or any tertiary certificate to his name.

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