The day light robbery being perpetuated by Ghanaian immigration officers at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) is gradually becoming a canker, despite the firm promise made by the authorities to investigate the issue.

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in a statement said the alleged acts are unethical and unprofessional and would, therefore, sanction any employer found guilty after the probe.

The statement added that the GCAA has directed the Ghana Airports Company Ltd to put measures in place to curb such practices.

However, an exclusive report available to made by disgruntled travellers reveals how the issue has gone from bad to worst as these indiscipline officers refused to allow fifteen passengers travel for refusing to pay bribe to them.

They consequently seized their passport and demanded that they either pay or miss their flights and unfortunately, the highly peeved travellers missed their flight upon several hours of demanding justice.

Our reliable informant adds that there’s this particular woman who is the head of the extortion team who always make sure first time travellers aka virgin passport holders are made to pay a whopping ₵190.00

Eventually, feeling frustrated 14 out of the 15 passengers parted away with ₵50.00 so they would not miss their flights the second time.

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  1. This wasn’t the first time Ghana Immigration Offices keep taken Bribes from Travelers, I think Proper investigations must be conducted and sanction who ever is confirmed guilty…they have made traveling out of the country without Bribing them so difficult like going to Heaven… Stupid and corrupted officers, pulling our Mother Land backwards and we thinking they doing better for the country…please Government should step into this matter and take appropriate actions on that…thanks

  2. I think this story could be true because I was traveling just recently and my passport is a virgin passport, so the immigration guys were like your passport is a virgin passport and I said yes and he looked at me for some time before stamping it . Later some other guys stopped me took the passport and was asking me questions like where do you work, etc. so when I mentioned where I work then they said ohok you can go sir.

  3. They have taken the laws into their hands and disgracing Ghana at large.
    We are sending disabled to school to become professional and they are in unique uniforms with degrees begging and pleading bribe.
    Some are religious and cultural inclined but yet looters and pick pockets with uniforms.
    All travellers must be well informed about this greedy idiotism behaviour.
    Thank you.

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