Popular musician, MzBel has disclosed why she didn’t even bother to report her former manager who use to beat her.

She made this known in a recent interview stating that her former manager was also her boyfriend.

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According to her, he use to beat her anytime she spoke to other people. Stating the reason she never reported her, she said she made her popular that is the main reason why she didn’t report him.

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In the interview, she said;

“I was old but he was very old. He was like, I think, thirty-something years older than me but he was nice, he was kind. He was the daddy I never had. He was my producer, my man, my best friend. He was there. He gave me luxuries I never had.

He got jealous because now everybody wants a piece of Mzbel and he blocked a lot of my shows. When I get gigs from London, he wants to go with me and they say okay, this is a low budget show, you can’t come, but we’ll take care of her. He’d cancel the show. He wouldn’t let me go anywhere alone. He wants to check my phone calls, my messages all the time.


And if I cannot tell him why this person is texting me this or that, he will beat the hell out of me. If I take off my wig right now and you check my forehead, I don’t have any hair there anymore. I used to braid my hair. When he’s beating me, he’d just grab my wig and throw me on the floor.”



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