Ghanaian prophet, Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran who predicted the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash has revealed the main cause of the crash.

According to the controversial prophet, the plane crash happened due to a minor fault in the engine of the plane.

He stated that the fault was detected by the pilot but the pilot ignored the fault and decided to fly.

Prophet Affran said considering the fact that the pilot ignored the fault, he should be blamed for the crash.

The man of God stated that the pilot was aware of a minor engine problem but felt he could manage the situation since it was a short distance.

“The pilot was aware of an engine fault and thought he could manage it to Kenya. On his way to Kenya, he realised the engine was failing and decided to return which caused the accident. The fault was in the engine and he got informed that there is a problem with the engine but he felt it wasn’t a major problem,” he disclosed.

The prophet also stated that he wasn’t specific as to which plane will crash because people who do not believe in prophecies might take legal actions against him.

According to him, if he had mentioned the specific flight in his prophecy people will surely cancel their flight which will cause financial loss to the airline and they might, in turn, sue him.


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