AMG Armani is not happy about the continuous scrutiny he and other flourishing young men come under in the Ghanaian society and he voiced out his sentiment in a new interview.


While being hosted in the studios of Hitz FM, the young socialite and budding musician was asked to reveal his source of wealth. When Andy Dosty asked AMG Armani what he did outside of music, the rapper struggled with an answer to this simple question.

He reluctantly stated that he buys and sells things such as cars, computers, and other items that generate revenue, an answer which failed to impress listeners and other studios guests considering the infamous tag hanging around his neck that he’s an internet scammer.

He then added that society has conditioned people’s minds to hate young men who are doing well and financially buoyant.

Not too long ago, we reported that it looked like Akuapem Poloo is desperately throwing herself at AMG Armani or probably pulling her gimmicks to capture the spotlight once again.

The actress and influencer announced hours ago that she was now in a beautiful relationship with the AMG rapper and since then she has been sending love-themed messages to him privately and publicly.

The messages are clear and straight not the point, Poloo has fallen in love with one of the proponents of the AMG empire and she wants the whole world to know about it. The screenshots below speak volumes of her intention and the chapter she’s opening in her controversial life.

volume of her intention and the chapter she’s opening in her controversial life.



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