If there is any other Celeb who has had a lot of death of prophecies over his head, then it sure has to be Shatta Wale.

If what any of what these prophets of Doom says is anything to go by, then the self acclaimed King of Dancehall is set to die come December 24th.

The prophecy precedes many of such threatening prophecies after the death of the late Ebony. Wale was set to die amongst many other prediction.

Recently one man of God also touched on it, claiming if the artist does not take care, he would die. Meanwhile, Pastor Lawrence says he has prayed for him yet Shatta’s mother is pleading with Ghanaians to intercede on her son’s behalf. Trust Mothers to go beyond every length to ensure the safety of their children.

“I am pleading with all pastors to help me pray and cancel every spirit of death planned against my son. It is very worrying when I wake up and hear my son will die this month. Pray for my son so that when we see him on 24th December, we will give God the glory,” she stated.

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