The General Overseer of the Glorious Word Power Ministries, Rev Owusu Bempah has subtly revealed that the ruling government, New Patriotic Party (NPP) led President Akufo Addo will lose the next presidential elections come 2024.


Rev Owusu Bempah during a church service shared the revelation he had from God and according to him, God revealed to him that he has taken the power from the elephant which signifies a shift in the political authority from the incumbent party to the opposition which is obviously the NDC.

He said:

Years after crowning the creature as king of Ghana, God has taken the power and keys from the elephant with the tail of the serpent.

It is the same angel brimming with power who gave the key to the creature resembling an elephant with a serpent’s tail… A voice from the heavens, sounding like a prophet, told the same flaming angel to reclaim the key from the elephant.

Heaven was deafeningly silent… The elephant with a serpent’s tail attempted to bite the flaming angel who had given it the keys earlier… However, another powerful angel of the Lord shielded the flaming angel from the elephant.”

However, another archangel instructed the flaming angel to keep the key until the next instruction because the Lord wishes to give the key to someone who will listen to his words.

I saw darkness, then light, and the vision faded from my vision. But what I witnessed was what occurred… The person to be crowned is known, but the time has come for the person to be declared. Don’t doubt me if you don’t understand. Don’t bring it up. Simply remain silent and observe.


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