Most often, we see and hear graduates lamenting over the fact that there are no jobs in their area of study and this is because most of these individual just go through school, paying huge sums without acquiring a single skill that will help them.

In this era of difficult economic insurgence, one wouldn’t make it in life if he just depends on his or her education.

We are not trying to justify that education isn’t good, however, we are urging individuals to at least get a professional skill in addition to their education.

Getting a skill aside from your education is the breakthrough now. Most people are yet to see the light as far as this is concerned.

Acquiring some skills like photography, coding, digital marketing, fashion design and a host of technical skills can make one an independent person who wouldn’t lament over lack of jobs.

There are indeed jobs but it requires one to have a skill before he or she can have it.

If you have already left school, it isn’t late because you can still acquire the skill.


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