Counsellor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt has disclosed that men who give women money would never go broke. He disclosed this and more in an interview with Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio .

He also stated emphatically that any man who does not like his woman to makeup is a fool. Speaking on wide range of issues and his work as a marriage counselor , he said,

Men who spoil women with money would never go broke but have their wealth increased in multiple measures. You are a fool to get pregnant and make babies when you are not ready or married

He continued,

“Quote me everywhere. Any man who does not allow a woman have her make-up on is a big fool; any man who doesn’t like ladies with make up is a fool. I know people would insult me but let me tell you, people who insult me do so out of ignorance.”

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