Daddy Freeze has called on Olasunkanmi Ajala, to forgive her husband 9ice after he publicly rendered an apology for his cheating scandal.

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In a live IG video, he has stated that, cheating is in the blood of men

He continued that, Olasunkanmi Ajala should forgive the husband and try working with him if 9ice is willing to co-operative with her.

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Dr. Freeze IG live video;

First things first, 9ice is 100% wrong in my opinion, don’t cheat on a woman. When cheating happens, I will never share the blame between a man and a woman. The blame of cheating, lies a 100% in the hands of the man. However, when it comes to preventing cheating, there is a job of both the man and the woman, because men by default like to cheat. When you know that something is in someone’s blood, it is also your duty to have to understand this


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