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And Money Answers All Things; Here Is The List Of The Top Ten Richest People In Ghana


Whoever said money is the root of all evil certainly has something cheap passing through his nostrils. Yes we have all heard it times without number that money cannot save life yet we have seen how most people have  lost lives that could have been spared had there been money.

The lack of money I say is the root of all Evil and I do not stand to be corrected. Good name is better than riches but how many good people have made the headlines with just the goodness of their name.

To believe such gibberish talk is to allow yourself wail in a pool of delusion. Will it not be better to live in absolute luxury than to live in abject poverty with a good name— who even cares about it anyway?

People are digging the surface of the earth to find whatever means to make it in life. Money moves the world, it is power and these ten people here are the people counted amongst the top ten richest people in Ghana.

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