High Rate Of Immoral Indiscipline Amongst Students In Recent Times, Who Is Blamable?

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Social Media and the whole country has been put in chaos after viral video of Ejisuman Senior High School students unleashing seductive words as they were seen advising female students to allow men to have their way when they approach them.

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Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction about the video and how the issue was treated by the authorities of the school and Ghana Education service.

After the issue escalated, the school authority sacked the seven (7) students involved from the boarding house to a hostel which even exposes them to bigger risk.

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The Ghana Education service have set rules and regulations to guide every school, likewise every school right from lower level to the senior high school level. Taking gadgets like mobile phones to school is highly prohibited. Most schools including day schools have fixed phonebooths which students are made to use during weekends or priscribed days to communicate with friends and family.

The question is, has the school authority failed in meting out discipline to students? How did students enter a school with a mobile phone without teachers or school heads noticing? Has inspections in schools ceased? These are some few questions being asked after such videos from “our future leaders” leaked on the net.

However, teachers and heads cannot be blamed in these situations. The rules set by the Education service favours students more than teachers. Why??
Because the teachers have been limited when it comes to disciplining students. This has made some teachers adamant when it comes to discipline.

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A brief discussion on a page on Facebook with some teachers indicates that most of these students see them as their enemies. Some expressed their bitterness in how the school system have been messed up.

Can we also put blames on parents? The popular saying; “Charity begins at home”….. Have parents failed to train their wards in the right manner? Could it be, that these children were trained but get pressured by their peers at school? The question still holds…. Who should we accord blames to?

I believe if old rules are brought back into the school system, discipline will be instilled.

A lady made a comment on Facebook…. She stated ” those of us who were caned, asked to scrub the washrooms, weed, given internal suspensions with hard labour and made to kneel down several hours, did we die? The education system have loosen the discipline in schools”.

The question still holds…whom should blames be accorded to?

The Education service, parents or teachers?

Source: www.ghgossip

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