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You Are A Hypocrite If You Don’t Treat Homosexuals With Respect


Last week I saw a video on the internet concerning some men physically assaulting two women who were said to be lesbians. This provoked me to come up with this write-up, but before I unfold the content of this piece which I’m sure will attract a good measure of prejudice and contempt from people whose level of thinking is stuck in medieval parameters, let me indicate my sexual orientation; I am heterosexual! Having made that clear I think by the time you finish reading this article, your outlook will be well-shaped, not influenced by any propaganda but by sound judgement.

Who is a homosexual? Homosexual is a feeling of sexual attraction to people of one’s own sex so invariably a homosexual is a person who has sex or is attracted to members of the same-sex. Men who are attracted to the men are called gays and women attracted to women are called lesbians.  Furthermore there exist another group within this bracket who are called bisexual and transgender.

These people have become endangered species in our cosmos which is dictated by bias interpretation religious texts and societal norms. Assaulting and killing people because of their sexual preference or because they are ‘different’ grossly invalidates their fundamental right and negates the purpose of co-existence. The society we came to meet has been formulated conservatively, a situation which makes us inclined to behave in a fixed pattern. People are ready to act violent towards other people not as a result of a careful examination of the issue at stake but because of the thread of dogmatism which has been tied being tied to their heart and soul the very first they landed on earth.

On a wider spectrum, religion like I pointed earlier from the preceding paragraphs, determines most of our reactions towards homosexuals. The Bible has pointed out in much conspicuous illustration about how to embrace other people regardless of culture, race, nationality or gender. Jesus Christ, the man who founded Christianity demonstrated clearly that we should not discriminate. Yet religious zealots led by an irrational priest who concept is underlined by greed and ignorance will assemble one or two texts from the Bible and throw it to his congregants, justifying reasons why people like homosexuals should be killed.

This article is by no means trying to promote homosexuality. The point I want to put across is that gays are humans. They have rights; a right which is belong justifiably to every person. Human rights identify fundamental requirements that enable an individual to live a minimally good life and these include the rights to health care and rights not to be tortured (Fagan 2005)

We all have natural instincts which sometime supersede our sense of reasoning. If we are quick to dismiss human right in the context of homosexuality that is a Western invention yet we embrace porn and other negative influences of the West, then we can be best described as hypocrites. Those who argue that homosexuality degenerates our moral fibre should start with the issue of widespread nudity flaunted indiscriminately, alcohol and illicit drugs that we advertise on daily basis etc. Those who say homosexuality is not a human right because it is not compatible with nature should are ignorant of what constitute

We have more issues threatening our society than homosexuality. This is only a fragment of this article. In my next article, I will explore and advance how we can ‘help’ and assimilate homosexuals in our community. However before I drop the curtains down, ponder over this: “Will you deny the chance of allowing a very good doctor to examine you whilst you in a critical condition upon realising that he or she is gay?

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