A lady is in deep pain after she was allegedly pummeled by a gang of nine men over se.x.

The lady who is confirmed a Nigerian Hook-Up lady living in Kasoa, in the Central region of Ghana narrated her ordeal after she was beaten by some unknown men who wanted to forcibly sleep with her.

According to the lady who was captured in a video while recounting her experience, she said she was introduced to a Nigerian guy who had se.xual intercourse with her and wanted his friends numbering 8 of them also have fun with her but she refuse.

She revealed that a heated argument erupted because of her refusal which ended in the guys angrily beating her up.

She said in the video that the main guy he had intercourse with threatened him with a pistol.

She added that after incident, she managed to escape and has reported it to the police.

To Watch the Video CLICK HERE

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