A young lady has been slapped in the face with a divorce letter shortly after she claimed that she could cheat on her partner for just N200k on Facebook.

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The lady in question is currently in tears after she received the news that the marriage has been canceled by her would-be husband and doesn’t want to have anything to do with her again.

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It happened that the lady answered a question on Facebook on “whether she would cheat on her partner for $ 10 million”. Her answer to the question raised eyebrows as it was not what they wanted to hear. Her answer was that she would even cheat for just 200k because her husband would never find out.

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All efforts to get her to delete her comment proved futile as she wasn’t ready to take orders from anyone. Little did she know her inlaws were online taking screenshots of her activities on the app. All the shots were forwarded to their brother who flared up and called off the wedding, warned her to stay away from him.

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Someone in Abuja told of a chilling story about a plight of his niece. She has done her traditional marriage and was about to wed when Facebook crashed the marriage only two weeks to her wedding.

She was said to be a member of a SINGLES AND MARRIED group on Facebook. Someone made one those silly stupid posts and asked, WILL YOU CHEAT ON YOUR HUSBAND IF OFFERED 10 MILLION NAIRA? The bride to be was among those that replied.

She said that the amount was even too much that she can cheat on her husband if offered only 200K. Someone that knows her told her to delete that comment because her wedding is coming up and she is already married culturally as an Igbo lady.


Two more people that don’t know her joined in begging her to delete the comment since it crossed decency lines. She lashed out at them in anger by saying, WHO HAS MARRIAGE EPP? THERE IS NO GPS IN MY PRIVATE PART.

She later deleted the obscene comments not knowing that one of the relatives, of the groom, had screenshot the silly comments and forwarded them to her mother-in-law who is a senior civil servant and Deaconess in Mountain of Fire church.

Hell was let loosed. There was a meeting where the lady was summoned and in tears, she said that she was joking. But then she is also a pentecostal. All pleadings by her and her parents fell on deaf ears as the wedding was suspended indefinitely.

When I called the person who told me the story this morning, he claimed that the groom’s family had agreed to call off the marriage entirely and will soon go and collect the dowry they paid. The decision of the family may be debated if it was right or an overreaction.

Many of us on social media write anyhow, chat anyhow, and post obscene idiotic pictures. Hushpuppi according to Dubai police was monitored through his social media updates for 6 months before they arrested him.

Never flaunt your wealth, your house, your cars, your half-naked bodies, or your immorality on social media. Think of the implications. In any group that you are a member or your own, be careful of your posts or your comments. The Internet never forgets.

I am begging you and begging myself too, be careful. Internet may ruin our lives, relationships, and marriages.

He who has ears, let him do so. You’re fond of insulting people, especially in groups, be careful, for one day, you may insult your future helper or someone that may interview you in a company.”.


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