According to Patapaa on Okay FM with Abeiku Santana, Patapaa says he’s is surprised Archipalago can churn out such a bad song after criticizing almost every Ghanaian musician.

Patapaa went on to labelled Archipalago’s song as ‘trash’, adding that he expected more from him because Archipalago always condemned his songs.

Well, Archipalago is not happy at all with Patapaa labeling his Megye as a wack song. According to Archipalago, his song has more sense in it that all Patapaa songs put together.

He posted;

” I see that villager #Patapaa and his music like the trash 🗑 can behind me!!! As a matter of fact my hit song #Megye has more sense in it than all of Patapaa’s songs put together 😡 Kwasia Banku Abeteku #Legendary #PalagoMufasa #FaNe10

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